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BGS Earthquake

UK Earthquakes in the last 50 days
Updated: 09:41:46 BST Sat, 18-Aug-18
Epicenter NearMagnitudeDistance to
Local TimeLink to
CROWTON,CHESHIRE 0.9 13 mi (21 km) 01:01:08 BST Wed, 08-Aug-18 Map
OAKHAM,RUTLAND 1.8 97 mi (156 km) 03:56:24 BST Sat, 04-Aug-18 Map
DOWNHAM MARKET,NORFOLK 2.7 146 mi (234 km) 18:42:51 BST Thu, 02-Aug-18 Map
ISLAY,ARGYLL & BUTE 1.7 229 mi (368 km) 01:03:08 BST Sun, 29-Jul-18 Map
EARDISTON,WORCS 0.5 63 mi (101 km) 23:18:02 BST Sat, 28-Jul-18 Map
CILCENNIN,CEREDIGION 1.0 83 mi (134 km) 06:39:35 BST Sat, 28-Jul-18 Map
SUCKLEY,WORCESTERSHIRE 1.5 72 mi (116 km) 04:58:38 BST Fri, 27-Jul-18 Map
TORRIDON,HIGHLAND 1.0 322 mi (518 km) 10:35:43 BST Thu, 26-Jul-18 Map
NORTH ALTLANTIC 2.2 528 mi (849 km) 04:26:33 BST Wed, 25-Jul-18 Map
LOCH NEVIS,HIGHLAND 0.6 282 mi (455 km) 05:53:27 BST Sat, 21-Jul-18 Map
CAERNARFON BAY 1.1 61 mi (99 km) 22:59:08 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 0.9 179 mi (288 km) 14:33:38 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 2.4 179 mi (288 km) 14:33:18 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 0.3 179 mi (288 km) 05:00:09 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 1.9 179 mi (288 km) 04:59:56 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
DALRY,D & G 0.2 142 mi (229 km) 03:26:07 BST Wed, 18-Jul-18 Map
LANGHOLM,D & G 0.2 136 mi (219 km) 05:04:07 BST Sun, 15-Jul-18 Map
JOHNSTONEBRIDGE,D & G 1.0 145 mi (233 km) 04:18:56 BST Thu, 12-Jul-18 Map
HARTLEPOOL,CO DURHAM 2.3 125 mi (201 km) 11:11:26 BST Wed, 11-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 1.9 179 mi (288 km) 17:03:10 BST Tue, 10-Jul-18 Map
IRISH SEA 0.5 88 mi (141 km) 03:48:57 BST Tue, 10-Jul-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 3.0 179 mi (288 km) 11:53:25 BST Thu, 05-Jul-18 Map
JOHNSTONEBRIDGE,D & G 0.7 147 mi (236 km) 03:16:39 BST Thu, 05-Jul-18 Map
SHIELDAIG,HIGHLAND 0.9 315 mi (507 km) 07:45:58 BST Mon, 02-Jul-18 Map
BARNACARRY,ARGYLL/BUTE 0.7 222 mi (358 km) 19:22:27 BST Fri, 29-Jun-18 Map
NEWDIGATE,SURREY 2.4 177 mi (286 km) 06:54:11 BST Fri, 29-Jun-18 Map

26 UK Earthquakes in the last 50 days.

Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey © NERC. All rights Reserved.

More Snow to Come?

The Met Office have issued an advisory that there is a moderate risk of severe weather affecting parts of England, Wales and southwest Scotland on Wednesday 20th January:

Outbreaks of rain are expected to turn increasingly to sleet or snow, especially over hills in central parts. There is a risk of significant accumulations, with perhaps locally 10cm leading to some disruption to travel.{jcomments on}


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