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Weather Underground PWS IENGLAND56
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CWS Lightning Detector

CWS has it's own Boltek Stormtracker Lightning Detector.

StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning. These are the same signals you can hear on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. StormTracker's direction-finding antenna provides direction information while storm distance is calculated from received signal strength. Special processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information.

UK Lightning Strike Plot

UK Lightning Density Plot

UK Lightning Density Plot by CWS is a network for lightning data over Central Europe. It is a pure non-commercial project free for everybody. People who want to participate need a lightning detector with directional determination of lightnings and a personal computer permanently connected to the Internet. The stations send their lightning data to our server in short time intervals. The collected data will then be used to compute the exact locations of lightnings by a bearing.

All computed coordinates of the lightnings are accessible from our server for everybody and can be used for any non-commercial further processing. This allows you, for example, to develop own applications for displaying lightning data over Central Europe on the Internet. In contrast to other lightning networks, the data we present is real time and for free.

UK Lightning by

CAM - Current Skyscape View

This snapshot from the Skyscape Cam is taken looking North West and gives a good indication of the current weather conditions.

Uploaded every 5 minutes.


Current WebCam View

MOVIE - Today's Time-Lapse

The time-lapse movie is built every 6 hours starting at 6am using ImageSalsa.

Each frame represents a snapshot taken from the SkyScape Cam at 10 second intervals.

MOVIE - Yesterday's Time-Lapse

The time-lapse movie is built at the end of the day using ImageSalsa.

Skyscape Cam: Information

The CWS Skyscape Cam

We have a DogCam HQ1 bullet camera connected to the Weather PC and by using ImageSalsa Weather Edition, we are able to produce the images and movies you see here.

Current View

The current view is generated every 5 minutes and overlayed with data from Weather Display. This image is then uploaded to the site.


ImageSalsa saves the Weather Display overlayed images every 10 seconds from 80 minutes before Sunrise to 80 minutes after Sunset into a timestamped jpeg.

We then use MovieSalsa and it's Scheduler to generate a movie from these images every few hours and then uploaded to the site. This movie can be viewed as "Today".

We then do a final movie as the end of the day which can be viewed as "Yesterday". This is normally generated at 11pm.

We then copy and zip all the day's image files with the aim to produce seasonal videos in the future.

Last Motion detected (Coming soon)

ImageSalsa is able to detect motion by comparing the current and previous frames and if there is a difference within the threshold, a motion is considered to have happened. The frame is then overlayed with the date and time of the motion and stored.

This image is then uploaded to the site.

Periodically, we copy the better ones to the gallery.

Expect to see: The Window Cleaner, Birds, Wasps, Flies and the most important one: Lightning!

As the Cam is interlaced, the motion detection is not very good!

Weather Commerce Forecast

Weather Forecast - Provided by Weather Commerce Ltd
Forecasts up to 14 days ahead are available from
Weather Commerce Ltd

Daily Archive Report

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Monthly Archive Report

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Yearly Archive Report

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USGS Earthquake

USGS Eathquake Shake Feed

Chester Weather Station (CWS) is run as an amateur weather station and therefore should not be used as official data.
Whilst every effort is made to keep the data as accurate as possible no guarantee is given that the data meets the requirements of the Meteorological Offices' 'A' Stations.
The weather station data is produced by CWS and CWS claims copyright over all data produced and disseminated by it.
Members of CWS may use the data produced by CWS for non-commercial use and no other purpose.
If CWS data is used according to these licence terms then the data must be acknowledged as belonging to CWS and reproduced with its permission.
The weather station data produced by CWS must not be used for decision making of any kind.
The weather station is privately owned and the owners do not make any claims as to the accuracy of the information collected by the equipment.